The Municipal Energy Management Tool supports municipalities with developing an energy baseline for internal consumption and enables municipalities to make informed decisions on energy efficiency implementation. The tool uses both metered and proxy data of your assets, and summaries this data by sector and other key indicators. The tool also assists municipalities with tracking and monitoring progress of savings linked to energy efficiency interventions over multiple years.

There are 3 different workbooks in this tool. Download each workbook below

No.  Workbook  Description  Download  Video 
01  Municipal Internal Energy Data Management Workbook  This workbook is the main workbook in the tool and has most of the functionality you will need. Its purpose is to combine Municipal and Eskom accounts and billing data into one data set and then report on that data.  Here Here 
02  Municipal Internal Energy Proxy Data Workbook  A tool to use benchmark and audit data when you don’t have metered data  Here Here 
03  Municipal Eskom Billing Data Cleaner Workbook  A tool to clean and summarize Eskom Billing Data  Here Here